C10k/PPPoE/IPv6 -> mess

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On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Mohacsi Janos wrote:


> On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Sebastian Abt wrote:
[IPv6 on top of PPPoE via C10k problem]
> Yes we have similar problems for more than 1.5 years now. It is identified as 
> BugID:  CSCsd13298. Cisco claims that this bug has been resolved: in a very 
> recent IOS image 12.3(7)XI8 for Cisco 10000. Our problem lays in Hungarian 
> Telekom - they are using 12.2(1x)BX? on C10K and they are not very willing to 
> upgrade to the latest release. Hungarian Telekom also using Cisco 7300 and 
> 7400 series for LAC purpose and with these boxes we don't have any problem.
> If you succeed to convince Deutsche Telekom to test this new image (1 month 
> old) please report it again.

I seems there were good reasons not to immediately update because the
new versions had another bug (which has been fixed too). You can find
more details in the Cisco release notes (see the link below for
further references).

Since the original post, I have spent some time to analyse the
problem and there is even one setup which is running a modified
FreeBSD installation to work around the problem.

You can find more details here:

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