IPv6 at NANOG 39

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Sat Feb 3 23:38:43 CET 2007

Joe Abley wrote:
> Hi all,
> [If you're not coming to the NANOG meeting in Toronto, hit delete now.]
> The meeting side of the tunnel between Merit and the NANOG 39 router is 
> 2001:468:1420:FF01::2.
> If there are people here planning to attend the meeting in Toronto who 
> care about v6 performance to their home network, please feel free to 
> test performance to that address and let me know if there are problems. 
> We can always peer over tunnels if necessary to get things working 
> acceptably.

The tunnel addresses aren't particularly important, the subnets used
on the meeting lan(s) are.  Hopefully it won't be out of 2001:468::/32, 
which has well known routing issues outside of academia.

Hopefully you are using Merit's own space (2001:48a8::/32), but
I don't see that announced anywhere right now.  If it's really not
being used right now then you would have much better results by 
announcing that /32 from the meeting over whatever decent tunnels
you can set up.  I'm sure there are attendees who could arrange that.
I'd gladly set up a tunnel but there are probably others with v4+v6 pops
closer to Toronto than Ashburn.

- Kevin

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