Creating an IPv6 implementation plan

Petra Zeidler zeidlerp at
Thu Aug 23 09:47:46 CEST 2007

Thus wrote Iljitsch van Beijnum (iljitsch at

> On 22-aug-2007, at 18:25, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> >>   a. Can't find consensus on BCP for numbering this network.  It  
> >>doesn't
> >>help that we don't follow BCP for numbering in IPv4, but this  
> >>might be an
> >>opportunity to do things "right" - if I could figure out what that  
> >>means.
> >Set aside the all-zeros subnet for your servers,
> I meant /48 block, not "subnet". This means you can give your DNS  
> server 2001:db8::53 or something like that.

One added advice for the addressing plan: don't get too complicated.
KISS is a great principle - eg for Iljitsch's advice "Allocation::/48
is ourselves" is simple.
Trying to code the make of the device into the address is not.

And don't attempt to conserve addresses as hard as you would with IPv4. :)
Simple should win over less address use while you still manage to keep
about a quarter of your allocation as planning reserve for changes.


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