IPv6 Route Type 0 Filtering (Was: IPv6 Type 0 Routing Header issues)

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Sat Apr 28 14:47:10 CEST 2007

Hi again,

For the core details read:

See below of a summary on how to filter these on your platform.

I do hope that folks by now realize what this does and that they should
have applied these things like last week already... Unless you of course
want to become a victim of it: Your network will nicely suck itself up :)



*** Cisco

"no ipv6 source-route"

*** Juniper

Not yet, they claim to be busy with it, call your TAC and complain  ;)

*** Linux

# Filter all packets that have RT0 headers
ip6tables -A INPUT -m rt --rt-type 0 -j DROP
ip6tables -A FORWARD -m rt --rt-type 0 -j DROP
ip6tables -A OUTPUT -m rt --rt-type 0 -j DROP

(of course before accepting anything else  ;)

*** FreeBSD

One has to upgrade the kernel with at least the following patch in place:

*** OpenBSD

A source code patch for OpenBSD 4.0-stable can be downloaded from

A source code patch for OpenBSD 3.9-stable can be downloaded from

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