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Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Tue Apr 24 15:24:19 CEST 2007

Petra Zeidler wrote:
> Also, in some cases people are reporting strange connection problems
> and then get asked to use the 4 and 6 variants separately to find out
> if their problem is protocol dependent.

The ipv4.<x> or <y>.ipv4.<x> and ipv6.<x>/<y>.ipv6.<x> labels have been
common since the start of the 6bone. If you want to give users the
option to use a DNS label that is IPv4 or IPv6 only then use:

hostname.domain.tld		AAAA	2001:db8::1
hostname.ipv6.domain.tld	AAAA	2001:db8::1
hostname.ipv4.domain.tld	A

domain.tld			CNAME	hostname.domain.tld.
ipv4.domain.tld			CNAME	hostname.ipv4.domain.tld.
ipv6.domain.tld			CNAME	hostname.ipv6.domain.tld.

www.domain.tld			CNAME	hostname.domain.tld.
www.ipv4.domain.tld		CNAME	hostname.ipv4.domain.tld.
www.ipv6.domain.tld		CNAME	hostname.ipv6.domain.tld.


Of course lots and lots of tools allows one to use "-4" or "-6" and
similar options to specifically specify protocol family for that

Also, remember that anything under a domain falls under the rules of
that domain owner. Some folks like to have http://example.com work, some
rely on http://www.example.com. It seems though that the majority of the
sites seem to rely on the shortest form possible and can't care less
about anything else. Also, when it does not work, then they simply bail
out as it is broken anyway.


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