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Petra Zeidler zeidlerp at cw.net
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Thus wrote Bjoern A. Zeeb (bzeeb-lists at lists.zabbadoz.net):

> On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Petra Zeidler wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >www.ipv[46] is kind of common but extra typing. My lazyness wants a common
> >usage, and it wants it shorter. What about using www6 (mail6, ...) and
> >www4 (mail4, ...) for the non-dual-protocol names?
> [I'll be using the www for the examples only]
> Why does it make a difference for a non-dual-protocol machine if it
> would be named www or www6? It's reachable by just one protocol no
> matter of its name. So why not call it 'www' and stick with what we
> had for ages now.

-That- isn't what I mean. I was writing about -names- not -systems-.
Take a dual-stacked system that does www:

www	IN	A
	IN	AAAA	fe80::1:2:3:4
www4	IN	A
www6	IN	AAAA	fe80::1:2:3:4

> Do you expect an end user to type in www4 instead of www if www does
> not work?

If it were a sufficiently well-known, reliably-present work-around for
dual stacked systems I would expect users that know that their networking
is partially broken to learn about it. It's sometimes amazing how fast
workarounds travel if they actually work :) (which would mean no
reference to the site name in the pages so site-internal links work
for www, f.e.).

> Last but not least - if you have multiple machines you usually also
> have multiple 'internal' names for them (let's say foo, bar, baz,
> alice, bob and eve) and a 'service' name like www. You will always use
> foo, bar, baz, .. for administrating them because you want to connect
> to that machine. Do you care if it's v4, v6 or dual stack?

If all of the networking works, I think nobody cares. But if one type
of protocol does not work, having a more elegant way to work around it
than digging for the address type that works and inserting that in URLs
might be useful.

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