Question about "proper" way to run v6/v4 website

Tim tim-projects at
Thu Apr 19 20:49:35 CEST 2007

Hello Carlos,

> Tim, at this point the concept of anything being IPv6-only is not the 
> brightest of ideas. The IPv6 world is still a little drop in the ocean. 
> :-(

Well my point isn't to set up an IPv6-only website.  My point is to
provide an IPv6 website without negatively impacting customers who have
IPv6 software but don't realize it.

> You can look for instance at the DNS root zone (some root servers will let 
> you AXFR) and you would see the trend is to use an A record and an AAAA 
> record associated with _some_ of the nameservers. Last time i checked 
> about 90 of TLDs already have at least one of its nameservers associated 
> with an AAAA (too). :-)

That's interesting.

Ok, so it so perhaps instead of providing only AAAA glue, I should
provide both A and AAAA (assuming my upstream permits it), and then I
could try distributing AAAA records for my website only over the IPv6
server?  This IPv6 DNS server could distribute A as well, in case
there's some problem with website AAAA connectivity (mentioned
previously int he thread).


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