Teredo only used as last resort after IPv4 (Was: ipv6-ops Digest, Vol 25, Issue 9)

Brandon Butterworth brandon at bogons.net
Mon Apr 9 17:04:56 CEST 2007

> > Does anybody have a contact at the BBC who can disable that open
> > recursive DNS server (

I've no idea why that is open (again, I thought I closed in once,
way back). I will have those currently responsible fix this

> Couple weeks ago I have been there in Maiden H. talking to one of their
> technology managers mentioned that, but they however been convinced that
> their cluster is large enough to deal with the possible problem.

That's a bogus response, the problem isn't DoS for BBC it's DoS for

> BBC's network is outsourced to Siemens BS since 2004.

Yes, my department transferred (I didn't) but the BBC still
has oversight of operations carried out on our behalf


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