IPv6 content experiment

JORDI PALET MARTINEZ jordi.palet at consulintel.es
Mon Apr 9 10:38:23 CEST 2007

Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure if netflow is able to provide measures of different type of
transition mechanisms, for example Teredo, 6to4, etc. ? I think is very
important to know what transition mechanisms the people uses, and my
experience is that the usage of Teredo is growing since Vista has been

It may be better to do those measurements directly at the web sites being
hosted as dual stack ? Actually we are doing something similar, but without
having a specific IPv6 content, just on customers web sites.

I've included some preliminary stats about that in my last week presentation
at the MENOG 
.pdf). They also show the % of users from each region (of course this is
biased depending on the contents).

It will be also good to include many more tunnel brokers. We have our own
one and some others at different countries listed at

Also, at http://www.ipv6day.org, you have many other TBs and detailed
instructions for setting up IPv6 at many OSs, in different languages, which
may be linked to help users that want to try this.

We will be happy to provide some help if it is required.


> De: Kevin Day <toasty at dragondata.com>
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> Fecha: Sun, 8 Apr 2007 20:27:28 -0500
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> Asunto: IPv6 content experiment
> Just a quick announcement that details of a new IPv6 experiment have
> been posted at http://www.ipv6experiment.com
> As everyone's aware, there's the issue of not enough eyeballs to
> justify content providers spending the time to deploy IPv6. End user
> ISPs won't do it until there's content. Many say that there are ways
> (tunnel brokers, teredo, etc) end users can get on IPv6, and the fact
> that they aren't using them means it's up to the content providers to
> step forward. Either way, "lack of demand" is cited by many for the
> biggest reason why they aren't deploying IPv6. So, what if we put
> some desirable content up and made it available only on IPv6 and gave
> those who accessed via IPv4 detailed instructions on how to get on IPv6?
> How many are actually able to get on IPv6 if they want?
> What problems do they run into when trying?
> Is their connectivity over IPv6 worse than IPv4? (number of hops,
> packet loss, overall transfer speeds, etc)
> How many users have IPv6 configured, but don't actually have a
> working IPv6 connection? (i.e. how many people do you lock out by
> publishing AAAA records for your site?)
> (I'm being intentionally vague here about the details of the content,
> as not to trip any email content filters. See the site for more
> details.)
> Before we begin with this experiment, I'd like to ask the community
> if there are any other interesting metrics you'd like us to try to
> capture, what methodologies you suggest we use, etc.
> If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly!
> -- Kevin

The IPv6 Portal: http://www.ipv6tf.org

Bye 6Bone. Hi, IPv6 !

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