Why not IPv6 yet

Kevin Loch kloch at kl.net
Sat Apr 7 01:36:51 CEST 2007

Michael Sturtz wrote:
> Yes that is us.  We already asked ARIN for a /48 and they declined our
> application to allocate us any addresses because they classified us as
> an "end-site".  We went through the application process and even
> explained our network etc. with no luck.  We still have a network
> engineer assigned to V6 but are stalled until this issue is resolved.  

I was one of the authors of the /48 policy and being an end user is not
a disqualifier, it's a requirement! (must not be and ISP/LIR):

> 6.5.8. Direct assignments from ARIN to end-user organizations
> Criteria
>     To qualify for a direct assignment, an organization must:
>        a. not be an IPv6 LIR; and
>        b. qualify for an IPv4 assignment or allocation from ARIN under the IPv4 policy currently in effect.

is the current template for such requests.

If you don't have any IPv4 space assigned from ARIN after
December 22, 1997 they do require some documentation of your
IPv4 network.  You shouldn't have to justify your entire legacy v4
space.  If you can show efficient utilization of an IPv4 /21 (single
homed) or /23 (multihomed) and you are not an ISP, then you should
qualify for an IPv6 /48 from ARIN.

There is an ARIN public policy meeting on 4/22-25 that I will be
attending, and if this policy is not being properly administered I would 
like to bring it to their attention.

- Kevin

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