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Soininen Jonne (NSN FI/Espoo) jonne.soininen at nsn.com
Tue Apr 3 12:25:33 CEST 2007


On 4/3/07 1:22 PM, "ext Mikael Karlsson" <mikael at karlsson.com> wrote:

> Soininen Jonne (NSN FI/Espoo) skrev:
>> Hi,
>> How do you know if it just was a domain with no AAAA instead of a failure in
>> the network?
> It would be a failure in the network because we would use a domain that
> would have AAAA records. But it is an ugly hack.

Very ugly hack. How would this work anyways: Would you hard code a domain
that would have an AAAA-record... Not pretty...

>> I think Remi's proposal not quering for AAAA if you just have link-local
>> should work. It also would be rather safe.
> Hmm, that would probably break zeroconf networks. But it would work if
> just the dns resolving part and not mdns is disabled.




> /Mikael

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