Ubuntu Linux - Suggestions needed

Mikael Karlsson mikael at karlsson.com
Tue Apr 3 10:15:46 CEST 2007

Andrew Alston skrev:

> a.) Not impact of fallback / resolution speeds on non-v6 enabled networks,
> networks that filter v6 responses, and points where there are cheap dsl
> routers that force a timeout on a request of a quad-a record rather than
> returning NXDOMAIN
> b.) Not force the user to have to answer questions as to whether or not they
> want v6 (they say a user mustn't be prompted)
> c.) Leave IPv6 enabled by default, or get it to auto-enable on v6 compatible
> networks.

How about trying to resolve AAAA and A for ubuntu.com and if AAAA fails, 
disable ipv6.

"Your firewall seems horribly broken, I will disable ipv6 for now"


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