Ubuntu Linux - Suggestions needed

Andrew Alston aa at tenet.ac.za
Mon Apr 2 21:11:57 CEST 2007

Hi Guys,

In ubuntu linux feisty release IPv6 will officially be disabled by default
at this point.  That is unless a solution is found within the next 48 hours
to stop the problem of what they claim as slow fallbacks on non-v6 enabled

So, having discussed this with one of their developers, I said I'd put the
question to this list, what suggestions do we have that will facilitate the

a.) Not impact of fallback / resolution speeds on non-v6 enabled networks,
networks that filter v6 responses, and points where there are cheap dsl
routers that force a timeout on a request of a quad-a record rather than
returning NXDOMAIN
b.) Not force the user to have to answer questions as to whether or not they
want v6 (they say a user mustn't be prompted)
c.) Leave IPv6 enabled by default, or get it to auto-enable on v6 compatible

Any out of the box ideas would be good, cause it kinda sucks that they will
disable by default if no solutions are found.


Andrew Alston
TENET - Chief Technology Officer 

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