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Mon Sep 25 00:24:01 CEST 2006

David Malone wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 09:16:55AM +0100, Carlos Friacas wrote:
>> (...)
>> Recently i've started to measure v4 and v6 latency to the same host (or to 
>> the same name with both A and AAAA records) and found that it's really, 
>> really hard to find names with both A and AAAA in some countries (and yes, 
>> *even* in the academic communities...)
> Some people tried this a few years ago:
> and got some interesting results. They even have a table of the
> number dual-stacked hosts that they used per-country.

And there is of course which is sending
nice address range scans trying to spoof proto-41 tunnels and a lot more
nastyness. Of course the owners of the setup are totally unreachable or
simply did not want to respond on why they are spoofing packets.
They do make some funny pictures though, but it mostly maps the 6bone as
that is the information source they used for finding out their tunnels.

Also you have to love the 'paper' on the system with the greatest title
ever: "Dolphin: The Measurement System for the Next Generation Internet"

Of course TTM also has a system for this, but much smarter and with
contactable and actual responding people:

And last but not least:
IPv6 Tunnel Discovery in IPv6
or other words: spoofing proto-41 tunnels for fun and profit.



Dolphin: The Measurement System for the Next Generation Internet
X. Lang, G. Zhou, C. Gong, and W. Han (PRC)

IPv6, Topology Discovery, Network Management, Dolphin System, Internet
Tools, 6to4 Tunnel
With the growth of IPv6 research and application, the next generation
Internet is now being widely deployed around the world. This paper
presents an IPv6 Internet measurement system named Dolphin, which
performs the function of network measurement for the IPv6 backbone, as
well as introducing the architecture and realization of the Dolphin
system. In conclusion, it analyzes the topological data of the IPv6
Internet collected by Dolphin, and discusses the future direction of
this measurement work.

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