New ARIN ipv6 allocation policies

Andrew Alston aa at
Mon Sep 4 07:55:56 CEST 2006

> Yes, those academic networks that think they can get by without paid  
> transit in IPv6 and then dump everything they can't move over peering

> in those triple-continent tunnels are extremely annoying.

I just have one question here, what about those places that wish to
develop, wish to move forward, and have no OPTION but to tunnel.  I'll
openly admit that I run trans-continental tunnels to two continents to
announce my v6 space.  Why do I do it that way?  Because there is *no
one* on the continent doing native v6, infact, my tunnelled v6
connectivity is to my knowledge the largest active v6 deployment in
sub-saharan Africa.  

It's all well and good to sit and complain about the tunnelled
connectivity when you have the ability to do it some other way, but not
all of us have that luxury.  Also, its my opinion that its Africa and
Asia that are going to *REALLY* need ipv6 before others anyway, since
they are the ones with the largest unconnected populations that are
getting connected, the growth rates in numbers of people coming online
are probably higher there, and as I said, there is no native v6 here

Just my 2c... 


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