New ARIN ipv6 allocation policies

David Conrad david.conrad at
Sun Sep 3 18:36:24 CEST 2006


On Sep 2, 2006, at 8:46 PM, David Barak wrote:
>> As we've learned from IPv4, I fear swamps are forever...
> But so what if they are?

They don't scale.

> A single /32 of /48s is an awful lot of space

It is 64K prefixes, but I'm unsure why you'd imply there is a limit  
of a single /32.

> Assume one PI block per organization (because if an enterprise can  
> actually run out of a room in a /48, they're probably really a  
> service provider anyway...), and further assume that
> all of the companies who have ASNs today immediately request a PI  
> block from the swamp.  At that point, you're at what, 35K unique  
> routes?

Why do you assume only folks with ASNs will request PI space?  Why do  
you assume only one PI block per organization?  Why do you assume  
only one route per block? None of these assumptions are true today.

> What equipment will have trouble with this?

None. Today.  How long is IPv6 supposed to last?


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