Best practices for routing 6to4 addresses

Sander Steffann s.steffann at
Tue Oct 17 20:54:28 CEST 2006


> I was wondering if there is some consensus on how to deal with 6to4 
> (2002::/16) addresses (and of course this applies to a certain extent  to 
> Teredo).
> There are three ways how to configure this in an IPv6 network, and I 
> think I've seen all three:
> 1. Configure a 6to4 relay on each router (which has to be dual- stacked) 
> and use the local interface as a static route.
> 2. Have only one central 6to4 relay which is advertised internally  (and 
> maybe further).
> 3. Pray that you learn 2002::/16 over one of your peers or transit 
> providers (and fail - hello AS16215)

I would recommend option #2. Option #1 is a lot of work and you'll have a 
lot of places where things can go wrong, and for option #3: I wouldn't base 
my routing on a prayer :)

- Sander

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