ip6.int deprecation

Pim van Pelt pim at ipng.nl
Mon May 8 15:28:05 CEST 2006

Like Daniel and Sascha, BIT has the DNAME referral in place. We actually
wrote it up in 2004, and it's been working ever since. There were
several really old resolvers at that time who did not cope with an
answer containing both DNAME and CNAME information [Suse comes to mind],
but those are considered collateral damage.

I understand Jurgen's point in not removing the delegation. I just think
it's been quite long enough for most people to move their software and
infrastructure into ip6.arpa, and don't think the people who have not
done it yet, will do so any time soon. We (all of us using DNAMEs or
serving data) are not really helping the cause by answering queris 
towards ip6.int because it gives ip6.int resolver-users no incentive to

| The state of ip6.int DNS is absymal from my network point-of-view.
I agree.

| So the cure is not "getting delegations removed under ip6.int", but
| actually "getting ip6.net removed". DNAME fits the bill nicely. :-)
Assuming you mean 'getting ip6.int removed', I agree.  Regarding Bill's
posting earlier, I'm sure we can get at least ip6.int's children cleaned
up fairly quickly. 

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