6bone/ip6.int interaction

David Conrad david.conrad at icann.org
Mon Jun 12 19:00:12 CEST 2006


We'll be removing the ip6 delegation from .INT today.

Please let me know if this will cause anyone any heartache (well,  
anyone but Bill :-))


On Jun 12, 2006, at 7:32 AM, bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 04:06:24PM +0200, Michael Horn wrote:
>> Bill, list,
>> On Mon, 12 Jun 2006, bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
>>> On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 03:28:00PM +0200, Gert Doering wrote:
>>>> 3FFE is IANA reserved.
>>> hum... then if the IANA wants that delegation removed, they  
>>> should ask...
>> who should they ask? you? don't you overestimate the importance of  
>> your
>> person to iana, bill? seriously... if iana would care about any  
>> bogons out
>> there they had much to do.
>> The thing that should keep you away from announcing prefixes from
>> unallocated space would be common sense and politeness which you
>> obviously seem to lack in this case. sorry for you.
>> but running a service a minor number of people rely on and being this
>> ignorant is rather rude imho. what do you think you gain with your
>> actions?
>> Kind Regards,
>> no offense intended, just wondering about your motivation,
>> Michael Horn
> 	they should ask, just like the other folks w/ delegations in that
> 	space, to add/delete/change entries in the zone.  random, self- 
> appointed
> 	net-police are fine, just don't expect too much to happen if the  
> actual
> 	delegates don't specify their wishes.
> 	DNS entries and route annoucements are distinctly different things.
> --bill

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