6to4 address utilisation

Grzegorz Banasiak gb at deadbeef.pl
Fri Jun 9 11:07:38 CEST 2006

> 6to4 is a tunnel method. From an IPv4 address, we have /48 6to4 IPv6 space. 
> So i'm wonder if this /48 range can be commonly used for our IPv6 network 
> (workstations, servers) like native IPv6, or it just be used only for 
> tunnel, to connect native IPv6 lands.

Yes, you may used it for workstations or servers somewhere in your LAN
provided that those elements have internal IPv6 connectivity to your
6to4 gateway. Such an addressing affects how native IPv6 world sees you
(under a common 2002::/16 prefix), so from traffic engineering point of
view that's a problem. For other 6to4 sites you should be reachable
"directly" through IPv6/IPv4 tunnel.

If you are planning to play with IPv6 that's OK. If something more
serious is on your mind, go and get production prefix and native


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