The IPv6 Day: Bye 6Bone. Hi, IPv6 !

Bernhard Schmidt berni at
Wed Jun 7 08:47:13 CEST 2006

On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 11:34:13PM -0400, Kevin Loch wrote:

Hi Kevin,

> >More relays are certainly appreciated, but running those on an obviously
> >overloaded tunneled connection does not help IPv6 at all. Get your boxes
> >coloed in a decent facility with native connectivity, then people
> >listening to your sometimes annoying taskforces and announcements won't
> >see such a horrible performance associated with IPv6. 
> I'm not sure if this will help you specifically but I just turned up
> a Teredo relay from AS33437.  It's in Equinix Ashburn (US) so it's not 
> physically close but does have good native v6 connectivity and plenty of 
> available bandwidth.

Please do so. I had shutdown the native connectivity to my laptop
last night and tried to work with Teredo. Despite the surprise that
Teredo does indeed seem to work (I expected to have at least some
problems in the beginning after reading the RFC) the speed felt like a
1999 6bone commemoration day, with massive latency and transfer rates of
about 30KBps max. Was no fun. I suspect anyone who enables Teredo on his
client and hits this relay for the first download will be a lost cause
to IPv6 for quite a while.

Could someone (Consulintel, OCCAID) please make sure this relay does not
get hammered that bad by prepending or limiting the announcement scope?


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