6/6/6 06:06:06 - Farewell 6bone

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Tue Jun 6 00:48:51 CEST 2006

Dear 6bone,

On this sad date of 6/6/6 when the clock has struck 00:00 in most
countries on the European continent, it is time for your demise. When
the clock strikes 06:06:06 here it will also be 6/6/6 in the US and thus
globally the final hours will have chimed in.

At the moment of writing this sad letter I also have to conclude that
some people didn't abide by the 6bone rules, even though the clock has
chimed into the phaseout day, still 57 of the 144 assigned networks are
announcing 6bone space, another 52 didn't even take the small moment of
time to return the prefix to the registry when they where asked to, they
clearly didn't read the mailinglist either nor where they subscribed.
It is too bad that your demise seems to have been also on a note of
neglect and due to people who initially wanted to use you for
experimentation and advance based on what they learned from you, they
forgot all about you. We will not forget you and abandon you in disgrace
as that is not what you have deserved.

We will remember the 6bone as the start of the IPv6 capable internet,
the network that was used to experiment with, where the first IPv6
implementations saw it's light and where a large number of problems
where found, debugged and resolved. We will remember you as the network
that started the freedom of having enough IP addresses for everybody
around the world and maybe even one day beyond.

Thanks for your kindness and thanks for your time. Let the 6bone rest in
piece and not in pieces and apply filters where needed. Results of
filtering can be seen at:
Further IPv6 operational content can be found at:

nibbles to nibbles, bits to bits.


A few example filters, do remind to remove these one day ;)

Juniper (BGP):
policy-statement ipv6-from-customer {
    from {
        family inet6;
        route-filter 3ffe::/16 orlonger next policy;
    then reject;

 ip -6 ro add 3ffe::/16 dev lo

 route add -inet6 3ffe:: -prefixlen 16 lo0

Cisco (BGP):
 ipv6 prefix-list ipv6-from-customer deny 3ffe:::/16 le 128

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