N reasons for not deploying ipv6

Lixia Zhang lixia at CS.UCLA.EDU
Mon Apr 17 18:51:32 CEST 2006

On Apr 17, 2006, at 9:41 AM, Eric Klein wrote:

> (Cross posting this to IPv6-OPS and IPV6 lists - started on the OPS  
> list)
> Does anyone else have additonal  items that should be on this list?  
> It will help with my thesis and we might best address these  
> perceptions in a new draft as some are addressed in draft-ietf- 
> v6ops-nap-02.txt.

in case you have not crossed this: back in Feb NANOG held a panel on

   "IPv6 Panel: Time for the Transition or Just More GOSIP?"

the webpage contains a pointer to realmedia recording.

It seemed an interesting panel, arguments from both sides were  


> I would be interested in (co-)writing  such a draft.
> Nick Hilliard wrote:
> Subject: N reasons for not deploying ipv6
>>> What might the other ones be, I still haven't seen a list.
>> There are lots of reasons, including but not limited to:
>> o  cost of deployment for network services providers
>> o  lack of demand for content providers caused by lack of  
>> perceived benefit
>> o  continuing problems with supporting ipv6 in core networks  
>> (mostly due to legacy equipment and lack of interest in upgrading)
>> o  poor quality ipv6 global routing infrastructure
>> o  not enabled by default on Microsoft operating systems
>> o  poor AAA support on dialup / dsl aggregation / NAS devices
>> o  lack of multihoming for end-users who need this
>> o  almost non-existent support for CPE routers outside some  
>> mainstream vendors
>> o  continued problems with AAAA lookups from some braindead resolvers
>> And of course, the primary reason: if the internet ain't broke,  
>> why do we need to fix it?
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