6to4 relay routers

Joe Abley jabley at isc.org
Wed Jul 27 15:43:35 CEST 2005

We've had problems reported before now (e.g. from NetBSD developers, 
trying to reach the NetBSD development cluster hosted at ISC) that 6to4 
access from the wilds of the Internet to our network is patchy.

In the cases that I have debugged, it has turned out that the problem 
was an unreachable (or apparently malfunctioning) RFC3608-numbered 
relay router from the 6to4-numbered client, or a missing route to 
2002::/16 from our network.

I am looking at providing a public relay router in AS 3557 in 
California, and advertising both 2002::/16 and for 
global transit as a public service. This seems very much in keeping 
with ISC's goals as a public-benefit corporation, and hopefully would 
also have the side effect of reducing NOC calls about 6to4 reachability 
of stuff hosted in our network :-)

If anybody has any comments about that idea, I'd like to hear them.

I see 2002::/16 is currently originated by a number of ASes, but (I 
think) often only towards customers, and not towards peers. I see a 
larger number of advertisements for I don't see any 
public signs of coordination between the various people originating 
these prefixes.

Anybody know if the various 6to4 relay router operators are 
coordinating their efforts in any way? We're happy to host a web page 
and keep it up-to-date if that seems like it might be helpful.


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