[Fwd: [OCCAID] Advisory: Extended Community bit crashing Quagga and Zebra BGPd]

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed Dec 21 19:06:43 CET 2005

Paul Jakma wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Dec 2005, James Jun wrote:

>> <sarcasm>
>> To again verify the operational success of this patch, may be AS5430's
>> downstream who announced this prefix before can try announcing the route
>> again and see if bunch of things crash? ;-)
>> $2 says nothing will crash this time.
>> </sarcasm>
> Because any routers affected and not upgraded are ones with dead bgpds
> whose admins never noticed? :)

And we indeed lost 4 prefixes (according to GRH):

Prefix		Name			Last Seen
3ffe:200::/24	SICS/SE			2005-12-20 16:17:20
2001:4d18::/32	HU-ELENDER-20050815	2005-12-20 16:17:20
2001:16a8::/32	IT-RMNET-20031223 	2005-12-20 16:17:20
2001:970::/32	TN-ATI-20021024		2005-12-20 21:47:19 	

Anybody wants to bother them or is it more wise to let the dead sleep
tight :)


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