IOS and IPv6

Patrick Grossetete pgrosset at
Wed Dec 7 00:02:12 CET 2005

         Hi Kurt,

         Cisco IOS gets the routing protocols as indicated in table 1 of 
our IPv6 Start Here manual
OSPFv3 got added in 12.2(15)T, meaning it is also available from 12.3, 12.4,...
IPv6 is available from IP Plus (old packaging) or Advanced IP services (new 
packaging) as minimum
On Cisco 2610 - if not an XM model - you will not get OSPFv3 support (only 
RIPng and MP-BGP4)
as explained in product bulletin 1975

Best Regards

At 20:39 06/12/2005, Kurt Erik Lindqvist wrote:

>I am trying to get a routing protocol supporting v6 that is not RIPv2
>or BGP on a Cisco 2610. Any suggestions on IOS versions? There
>doesn't appear to be an 12.4 for it and 12.3.17 IP-krypto-whatever
>does not support anything else...
>- kurtis -
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